All Things Must End

I recently sold my first car. Well, it wasn’t really my first car. But it was the first one that got me excited about cars rather than just having a license. It was a 1987 Honda CRX Si, a quick and nimble two-seater that was a sheer blast to drive. So many good memories with that car: delivering pizzas, running from cops exploring backroads quickly and surviving 1 (almost 2) engine swaps. From the beginning I had planned to restore the CRX back to her former glory. New seats, interior, wheels and paint. A new motor for more power, new shocks/struts/sway bars for stability and new brakes/pads/brake-lines to bring it to a stop. I even found some parts from the european market that were never available here. I can’t count the number of hours I spent finding parts and planning the details of the project.

Fast-forward four years and life looks a bit different. Goals have changed, my business is growing (read: I have no time) and weeks are passing faster than you can spend them. My once prominent dream of a restored CRX has been overshadowed by new and exciting things. The rebuilt D16 engine that was last swapped in will now power a pretty little red 3rd Gen hatchback, and all the parts I had sourced have gone to new homes. All that’s left is the Si emblem that once adorned the back hatch, a memento of my younger days and my first car.