iTV and the Apple Cloud

As an Apple TV user for the last two years, it’s been particularly interesting to hear the speculation of an updated device. Overall, I’ve enjoyed the experience of the Apple TV. It has a relatively limited offering, but what it does, it does well. It’s allowed us to comfortably ditch cable for the last two years and still enjoy the shows we like, when we want them—with no commercials. The tv shows and movies are ready to watch within seconds, so it’s all around pretty enjoyable.

There are a few areas it stumbles in though, one being storage. I rarely watch a tv show a second time, but also have a hard time deleting that content, so it sits on the device taking up valuable space. Movies take up even more space and we only watch them a few times a year. I see a disconnect there. Is there any real value in owning the physical data, whether disc or digital? Personally, I have no interest in having tv shows and movies stored locally. I suppose you could argue music is a little different since you may listen to it more often than you would watch videos, but even then the music I’m listening to right now is streaming via Pandora. If the rumors are true, we’ll soon be able to upload our music, tv shows and movies to an account on the Apple Cloud and then access it from a computer, iTV, iPad, etc while having the option to save it to a device if needed. You then have access to all your purchased content, without sacrificing hard drive space. With companies like Pandora and Hulu leading the way, the idea of local media storage is quickly becoming a thing of the past.