Christmas Cards 2011

Each year Elizabeth and I create our own Christmas Cards. It’s a tradition we’ve held since our first year together, and one I’m glad we’ve held onto as it’s a great excuse to design something together, try something new and hopefully share a smile with our close friends and family. For this years’ card we pulled in some additional help from our new friend Katie at Concrete Lace to create a simple, blind-embossed Merry Christmas (typeset in my recent favorite, Futura Bold) on a heavyweight cotton stock. BTW: Katie’s great to work with, give her a call if you’re looking for some letterpress.

Once we got the cards from her, we dip-dyed the lower half of the cards in a beautiful chartreuse yellow; we had seen this done on these business cards and had been looking for something to try it on. Turned out great. It was simple, fun and didn’t take very long to do. We then paired them with a simple blue envelope and sent them on their way!

A few more shots: On Press Finished Letterpress Color Test Color Swatches Drying