The Glass Bottle Effect

The presentation of a product is so important. How it looks and feels conveys a level of quality about the product and what you can expect from it. But even how you’re introduced to it can play into your evaluation of the product or brand. While in Prague this last summer, we noticed there seemed to be much less advertising than what we are used to Stateside. Instead of brands being able to tell me how good they were, they had to prove it to me.

Here in the States, the Coca-Cola brand means little to nothing for me. It’s a simple soft drink (or soda, or pop depending on your geographical persuasion). It’s a cheap drink that’s delivered in an equally cheap plastic package. But in Prague, glass bottles were the norm. And not just any glass bottles mind you—heavy, re-used glass bottles. The kind of glass bottle that would literally bounce if you dropped it. The kind of glass bottle where the logo was actually raised from the side creating a wonderful tactile quality. When it was actually brought to the table, it was poured into another glass like it was some fine wine, like maybe I would need to approve the bottle before it was poured. And it was incredibly good. This wasn’t a cheap drink, this was something everyone looked forward to. Can a simple change in presentation make that much of a difference? Absolutely.