Last night I was able to sit on a panel of three designers giving a Q&A with design students. The panel consisted of an ad agency designer, an in-house designer, and a freelancer (me). Questions varied from “where do you find your inspiration?” and “how do you stay creative?” to “what’s most important in a client relationship?” and “what is the average salary?” One question I found interesting:

He asked*: “What things were you lacking when you started [designing]?”
I said**: “Well. Lot’s of things. So many things. But the important part is I didn’t know I was lacking those things. After school I just started working. We all start somewhere, and then you keep learning.

I would have added: It’s more important to focus on what you do know than what you don’t. We start each day thinking we have things figured out and it’s not until tomorrow that we realize we never did.

*Not verbatim.
**Very much not verbatim.