Specialty Shops

Most Saturday mornings I can be found at my city’s Downtown Market. Loads of fresh food available directly from the local farmers themselves. I was thinking this week how each booth there is like it’s own little specialty shop: They’re focused on a small niche, passionate about what they are doing, and are intensely focused on providing value to their customers. I love that. Other shops or stores may offer more products—they may even cost less—but that doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Honestly, It’s tough to match the passion for quality and the deep desire to make something better that comes with running a small shop.

The same thing goes for my business. I don’t want to be the shop that offers everything possible. Generic products and ideas wrapped with a shiny ribbon of business jargon. I want to provide a niche offering of identity and illustration that’s focused on the client, meeting them where they are at and helping them move forward. Carefully crafting a brand that pays attention to the small things, all those little details that add up to so much—because that’s worth something. Because that is valuable.