Introducing Wren for Mac

A tiny Twitter client that keeps you focused on your work

Today I’m proud to announce Wren for Mac, a small Twitter app for the Mac desktop. Wren keeps you focused on what you’re doing by not showing the timeline. It lets you quickly jot down a thought, link or comment to someone and then get back to what you were doing. You can even save a tweet for later to get just the right wording, or to spread your tweets throughout the day. Learn a bit more at and pick up a copy on the Mac app store. $4.99 for a limited time!

This app is the result of many months of work by myself and Kevin Smith. It has been a lot of time, work and late nights—but it’s also been a lot of fun. It was honestly something we just saw a need for. I can read the timeline on several awesome apps (Twitter and Tweetbot coming to mind first), but when I’m working I want a quick way to simply share something new. Wren was my first app to design and seeing it finally launch feels absolutely fantastic—but there’s a lot more in store for Wren. For now, I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do.